Now We're Cooking! Workshops Offer Benefits for All

May 16, 2016
Teachers, administrators and many other professionals receive professional development training, and it's every bit as important for the food service professionals charged with producing ...

Farm to School Classes Take to the Road

May 12, 2016
We love bringing people to Shelburne Farms for activities and courses. But we can reach many more people when we take it to the road, bringing ongoing professional development courses to schools...

Farm to Preschool in Addison County

May 4, 2016
The Vermont Community Foundation recently awarded Shelburne Farms an Innovations & Collaboration grant to support a VT FEED project to pilot Farm to Preschool with partners in Addison County...

Top 10 Highlights of Jr Iron Chef VT 2016

April 24, 2016
They chopped, they sautéed, they served and they certainly sizzled. On March 19 more than 240 competitors and 1,600 spectators crowded into the Champlain Valley Exposition for the culinary event...

FEED Recognized for Farm to School Advocacy

February 17, 2016
Vermont FEED's Betsy Rosenbluth was recognized this week for demonstrating best practices in advocacy, for her testimony to the Vermont House Committee on Agriculture and Forest Prodcuts. In a...