Growing Farm to Early Childhood Programs

March 5, 2021
While the Farm to School (FTS) movement began with a focus on grades kindergarten through high school, in more recent years, enthusiasm for this learning even earlier in a child’s life has been...

Kale Pesto: A Celebratory Farm to School Month Snack

October 7, 2020
Our Farm to School work has always had a strong focus on the cafeteria, which we often call the biggest classroom in the school building. To celebrate Farm to School Month this October, the SHelburne...

A Farm to Early Childhood Update with Cynthia Greene

August 24, 2020
Like most aspects of the world, the COVID 19 pandemic has greatly impacted Vermont's early childhood system, and programs are struggling to remain open during this time of critical childcare...

Apple Celeriac Slaw

August 20, 2020
From: New School Cuisine: Nutritious and Seasonal Recipes for School Cooks by School Cooks  Yield: 50 servings Ingredients: 1 gallon, water 1 cup, lemon juice 5 lbs 4 oz,...