1. IN FOOD EQUITY AND ACCESS. The current food system reinforces injustice and inequity. In a sustainable food system, everyone will have access to nutritious, healthy, affordable foods and opportunities to produce it.
  2. A HEALTHY DIET IMPACTS STUDENT SUCCESS. Students who are well-fed with nutritious foods are able to be more engaged and successful in their learning.
  3. PLACE-BASED FOOD, FARM, & NUTRITION EDUCATION IMPACTS THE HEALTH OF STUDENTS AND SCHOOL CULTURE. Farm to School gives students the knowledge , skills and  values to make healthy choices for themselves and their communities.
  4. INVESTING IN LOCAL AGRICULTURE IS CRITICAL. Local food systems are essential to the health of the local economy, environment, and communities.
  5. A HEALTHY FOOD SYSTEM IS CRITICAL TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. Food systems are a powerful lens for exploring and addressing the complex issues of sustainability.
  6. IN THE POWER OF COLLABORATION. School systems change when a diversity of partners and the school community align to invest in creating change together.

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