Promising Practices of Farm to School: An Integrated Approach to School Food Change

Funded by the Centers for Disease Control, this report shares findings from a yearlong project to investigate the impact of farm to school programs in Vermont.    

The project gathered quantitative and qualitative evidence on how the accessibility of healthy food through farm to school programming affects student attitudes towards eating fruits and vegetables. It can help whole school communities move towards healthier school food choices. Vermont farm to school stakeholders met regularly from fall 2009 to spring 2011 to share information and gather evidence of the impact of programming on student food choices. The goal was to identify promising practices of farm to school and explore how to make lasting school food change.

The cross-program evaluation in this report is based on evidence collected from 12 schools engaged in farm to school programming throughout Vermont (rural, suburban, and urban). Data was collected from 632 students, 43 teachers, and 10 food service directors in 2010-2011. Published by VT FEED.