Updated Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Guide!

Posted on April 3, 2017

Did you know the parsnip has been cultivated by humans for 2,000 years? Now you can get the whole story in our newly updated Farm to School: Highlighting Local Fruits and Vegetables!

Inside you will find quick activities, games, fun facts, snack bites and recipes, monthly reasons to celebrate local food, field trip ideas, and botanical histories of Vermont fruits and vegetables.

Our guide can be used by teachers, school nutrition personnel, parents, after school or early care providers; anyone who wants to teach kids about local, in-season, Vermont fresh fruits and vegetables can use the games, activities, recipes, and fun facts in the guide. Many schools in Vermont serve fruits and vegetables for snack every week. This Guide will help you learn about, use, and highlight local produce as well as provide easy to print fact sheets and recipes.

Are you a teacher looking for ways to teach kids about seasonal and local Vermont fruits and veggies? Then check out our updated supplement! This addition provides quick and easy (15-minute) common core aligned activities that engage kids with the vegetables and fruits being served at snack or during school meals.

Watch the video below to learn about teachers’ experiences with the guide, how it’s easy-to-use, and how it provides quick activities for all ages of kids!  Inside the supplement, you can find activities that engage children with planting seeds, eating the rainbow, eating our senses, identifying the plant parts we eat, ‘produc-ing’ poetry, ‘accounting’ for taste, and other curriculum-based exercises.