Mixed Vegetable Latkes with Apple Hummus

Team: Wildcat Chefs

Host School: SATEC

Age Group: Middle School


1 ½    c beets                    1 15oz can garbanzo beans

1 c celeriac                       3 apples

2   c carrots                       2T lemon juice

1 c parsnips                       ¼ c tahini

1  c turnips                        4 T Apple juice

2  c sweet potatoes            ½ t Apple pie spice

2   c potatoes                      ¼ t cayenne pepper

Paper towels                      1 T ground flaxseed

1 T lemon juice

½  c grated onion

4 large eggs plus one egg white

2T water

2 ½ T ground flaxseed

1 t baking powder

½  t salt

½  t pepper

2 t turmeric

1  t cumin

1 ½ T Cayenne Pepper

3 T thyme

Up to 24 T olive oil

Preparation Instructions


  1. Peel and grate 6 c of vegetables
  2. Put in colander, use paper towels to squeeze out extra liquid
  3. Grate ½  c onion into a bowl
  4. Mix eggs, water, flaxseed, baking powder, salt, pepper, turmeric, cumin add onion and shredded vegetables 
  5. Add oil to the pan- once pan is hot add a ¼ c ⅔ full of the vegetable mix
  6. Cook 3 minutes on each side
  7. Place on paper towels to drain
  8. Clean out oil and restart as needed

Apple Hummus:

  1. Peel & cut apples and cook until mushy 
  2. Drain garbanzo beans
  3. Mix together garbanzo beans, lemon juice, tahini, Apple juice, Apple pie spice, cayenne pepper, honey & flaxseed 
  4. Spoon Apple Hummus on top of the Latkes