Jamaican Me Crazy

Team: Pythons

Host School: Coventry Village School

Age Group: Middle School


Jerk Seasoning & Tofu

2lbs Tofu - Vermont Soy

2T Garlic Powder

2t Cayenne Pepper

4t Onion Powder

4t Dried Thyme

4t sugar

4t Kosher Salt

2t Allspice

1t Black Pepper

1t Nutmeg

1/2t Cinnamon

1T Chopped Garlic

4oz OJ

4oz Cider Vinegar

2oz Olive Oil

3oz Soy Sauce

Baby Spinach w/creamy Sweet Basil

Julienned Carrots

Broccoli Rabe



Quinoa w/Red Pepper

Mad River Blue Cheese

Pickled Red Onion

Preparation Instructions

Cube tofu into 1” cubes.  

Combine all ingredients for jerk marinade and whisk together.

Put cubes on skewers and place in hot pan with 2oz of olive oil.  Sear both sides until golden brown.  
Sauté red pepper in pot until tender, add quinoa season with salt and pepper and cover with water.  Boil until all water is gone and quinoa is done.  
Julienne carrots
Boil vinegar, salt and pepper, and sugar.  

Slice red onion and add to vinegar mixture.  Set aside and cool.  
Peel and slice mango.
Season broccoli rabe with olive oil, salt and pepper, and olive oil and sear in hot pan.
Crumble mad river blue cheese.
Toss baby spinach with sweet basil dressing.
Arrange all items in serving bowl with naan bread.