Sweet Potato Galette

Team: Coventry Shredders

Host School: Coventry Village School

Age Group: Middle School


4lbs shredded sweet potatoes
12ea eggs
2c whole wheat flour
1tsp nutmeg
1tbls salt
1tsp. Black pepper
8oz. Vermont Farmstand maple cheddar 
3oz. Vermont Creamery creme fraiche 
2oz. chaga
2oz. Maple syrup
6c. White (spanish) onions
1c canola oil 

garnish of micro greens

Preparation Instructions

1. Shread sweet potatoes 
2. Mix sweet potatoes, eggs, flour, nutmeg, salt and pepper
3. On medium heat a 10 Inch non stick saute pan then evenly spread 1/2 Of the sweet potatoe mixture in the pan and let cook until the sides are golden brown and it slides in the pan slide on to oven safe pan and repeat with the second half of the mix. Place in 350 oven for 10-15min.
4. Cut onions in half and then into 1/4 inch slices and saute until golden brown  set aside
5.Shread cheddar 
6. Take 3oz. Creme fraiche and 2oz. maple syrup then microplane the 2oz. Of chaga into mixture and whisk
7. Once the sweet potatoe galettes are done place onions and cheddar on one and cover with the other
Cut into wedges and top with chaga creme fraiche

Add a garnish of micro greens