Sushi Platter

Team: The High Rollers - Boys and Girls Club Of Burlington

Host School: Boys and Girls Club of Burlington

Age Group: Middle School


The High Rollers – Boys and Girls Club


Veggie Sushi Platter:
* Pineapple Coconut Roll
* Spicy Tofu Roll
* Pickled Mango Sushi
* Beet & Apple Sushi
* Garnish: Pickled Ginger – Tamari - Wasabi


Pineapple Coconut Roll:

Sushi Rice
Pineapple, julienne
Cucumber, julienne
Mint, julienne
Coconut, toasted

Spicy Tofu Roll:

Sushi Rice
Tofu, crumbled
Carrot, julienne
Avocado, sliced
Spicy Mayonnaise
Sesame Seed, toasted

Pickled Mango Sushi:

Sushi Rice
Pickled Mango, shaved
Avocado, sliced
Micro Greens

Beet & Apple Sushi:

Sushi Rice
Shaved Beets w/ Maple Syrup
Apple, julienne
Micro Radish Greens

Preparation Instructions

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