Potato and Leek Soup

Team: Flood Brook Tigers

Host School: The Collaborative

Age Group: Middle School


Vegetable broth
Yukon gold potatoes
Heavy cream
sour cream (dollop of garnish) 
Celery stalk/ leaves for garnish
Salt and Pepper
Bay leaf
Chopped chives (as garnish)
Thyme and butter 

Goat cheese

Preparation Instructions

Clean and cut Leeks and Potatoes and Chives and Celery and Garlic.  Set aside for later usage.


Heat up a pan with butter

add leeks to soften, cooking on a medium heat. this should take about 10 mins to soften covered. 

In a bot, begin heating the vegetable broth on a medium heat. 

add leeks, potatoes, herbs and spices,garlic, and majoram, and simmer for 20 minutes or until soft. 

add heavy cream and egg yolk then puree the soup. (Make sure to remove the bay leaf) 


Once pureed, dish out the soup and add garnish, a small dollop of sour, celery leaves, goat cheese, and chives. (Season to taste)