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Thank you for your interest in helping us make local food accessible to all Vermont kids! If you'd like to become a sponsor or have any questions, please email Jr Iron Chef VT Co-coordinator Kerrie Mathes at [email protected].

If you've already become a sponsor (thank you!), please mail checks to:
Shelburne Farms/VT FEED
1611 Harbor Rd
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(Please make checks payable to: Shelburne Farms/VT FEED)

Over the past 12 years nearly 4,500 Vermont middle and high school students have participated in this ground-breaking culinary competition. Along the way they’ve not only created and prepared recipes from scratch, they’ve learned about local agriculture and nutrition, established relationships with peers, chefs, and local farmers, developed confidence, and honed teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

Perhaps the best thing of all about Jr Iron Chef VT is how it unifies people. Wealthy or income-limited, native or immigrant, athlete or thespian, for one day in March these Vermont youth stand side-by-side and participate in an orchestrated frenzy—dicing, grating, and sautéing their way to culinary fame.

Jr Iron Chef VT is changing lives, one student at a time, as reflected by this coach:

“Everywhere my students turn they're being tempted to distract themselves, hate themselves, and tune out. To empower them, I need an arena in which I can coach them in taking healthy risks.  Jr Iron Chef VT allows my kids the opportunity to tune into their strengths, their culture, their choices.  I take kids to the competition who don't excel in the classroom—some of them have multiple detentions a week—and sure enough, they are fabulous, dedicated chefs. They don’t have the opportunities or resources that other kids have, and while that presents very real challenges in their lives, it doesn’t need to define their potential.”  – Meghan Stotko, Albany Wolf Pack Coach

Preparations are well under way: In some districts Jr Iron Chef VT has become so popular that qualifying competitions are held in the fall to determine who will be among the almost 300 students on the 70-plus teams participating in our statewide event. Our organizing committee is busy reaching out to new schools, selecting judges, and brainstorming an epic birthday celebration.

We are soliciting  financial support to help us usher Jr Iron Chef VT into its second decade. Our cost for hosting one team is $500. If the registration fee accurately reflected this cost most teams would not be able to participate. Instead we charge between $130 to $150 and offer scholarships, and subsidize the remainder with the generous support of our sponsors, keeping Jr Iron Chef VT accessible to all.

Join us in changing the lives of young Vermonters by supporting Jr Iron Chef VT today. Thank you!