2019 Impact

240 educators served

through professional learning for teachers

"Collaborating [with Vermont FEED] has been awesome. We have networked with a variety of their educators, each with a different focus area/expertise. They modeled sample lessons and provided resources and lessons that will help us build our curriculum ladder. We are grateful!" –Cabot School Eduator

73 team members participated + 32,459 students served

through the 2019-20 Northeast Farm to School Institute

"This experience was a game changer for us. While at school, we really had no idea how to get farm to school off the ground and running. Being able to sit down as a team and prioritize our goals was essential." –2019-20 Institute participant

39 school nutrition programs + 48 farmers served

through professional learning for school nutrition staff & farmers

“It is really important for kids to see a farm and that they exist. They are establishing their sense of place and when they drive by the farm the now recognize that it is a farm and who is the farmer. They build value for the working landscape and the people that work it." –Karin Bellemer, Bear Roots Farm

58 EARLy Childhood providers served

through farm to early childhood workhops

"[We’re] weaving the importance of food security and nutrition throughout our programs and with the parents... It's Farm to School to Home. We believe that a whole family approach in our child center will incur long-term change." –Mary Zigman, Parent-Child Center of Rutland Co. Executive Director

50+ organizations from 7 northeast states supported through the northeast + vermont farm to school networks

"It's an incredibly collaborative group and a comfortable space to test ideas, speak freely about challenges, and receive practical help. The monthly calls are a great check-in, and I find myself invigorated to return to our state-level work with new ideas after having this chance to connect." –NE Farm to School Collabortive member

264 students COMPETED + 58 Vermont farms featured

through Jr Iron Chef VT

"We’re a small alternative school. We don’t have sports teams, but Vermont FEED’s Jr Iron Chef VT competition has been our way of competing and interacting with other kids from around the state who also love to cook. This is our Superbowl!" –Kevin Mailepors, Centerpoint School Coach